Verkhovna Rada chairman, SPU leader Oleksander Moroz is convinced that creating the coalition was a right and legally flawless step.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, he claimed this to a press conference in Kyiv today.

O.Moroz stressed that it was necessary to stop the vagueness “in power structures, that’s what we’ve done”.

Speaking about the events of 6 July, that is, about voting on his candidacy for the post of the VR chairman, as a result of which the coalition of democratic forces was split, O.Moroz expressed a belief that he was “absolutely right”.

He is convinced that, before asking him about the moral side of his deed, one should better ask those “who had been dragging for a long time an intrigue in order to organize a conflict in power structures and to punish all those who they planed to punish since the very beginning”.

O.Moroz recalled that as early as before March 26 they initialed a memorandum on creating the coalition, but when Our Ukraine saw that it did not get the first place among the participants of the eventual coalition, it refused from this memorandum.

According to O.Moroz, as a result of so-called “consultations”, Our Ukraine and the Party of Regions, in fact, agreed to form a coalition, but, under the pressure of BYT, they signed an agreement on creating a coalition of democratic forces.

O.Moroz stressed that the intrigues did not finish with that, because Our Ukraine proposed the candidacy of Petro Poroshenko for the post of the speaker, in order either to cause a clash between the two political forces, or to force Yulia Tymoshenko to refuse from the post of the Prime Minister.

O.Moroz pointed out that he used to state several times that the situation was inadmissible. He stressed there was a scenario to create a coalition for several months, and that to disrupt it by the scenario of the last September, after which, to create a new coalition. He stressed that SPU could not agree for such a variant.

He pointed out that he considers his step correct.