Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andrij Melnyk has said German MP Ulrich Oehme from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) faction arrived in the occupied Crimea illegally.

Melnyk called on the German government to influence German politicians.

"Another German political adventurer Ulrich Oehme illegally sneaked into the annexed Crimea. We call on the federal government to ban such voyages by German citizens, and the leadership of the AfD faction in the Bundestag -- to shield themselves from criminal acts that harm the party's image," Melnyk wrote on Twitter.

Read alsoGerman gov't criticizes local deputies' trip to occupied Crimea – Ukraine envoyAs UNIAN reported earlier, a delegation of German parliamentarians, members of the far-right political party "Alternative for Germany" (AfD), from three regional parliaments visited the Russian-occupied Crimea in February 2018, also in violation of Ukrainian laws.

The German politicians claimed they were not concerned over a possible travel ban by Ukraine.

Melnyk said the German government had criticized the visit of the AfD members to the occupied Crimea and reiterated the policy of non-recognition of illegal annexation.