Two activists of the Rivne City Organization of the Socialist Party of Ukraine claimed about quitting the party and burnt down their party-membership cards.

      According to an UNIAN correspondent, one of these activists is Serhiy Lutsenko, brother of Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko. He used to head for the SPU city organization for several years, and presently he works as an aide of a lawmaker.

      Deputy editor-in-chief of “Rivne Vechirne” newspaper Serhiy Shturkhetskiy burnt his party-membership card together with S.Lutsenko. The activists explained that they do not support the decision of party leader Oleksander Moroz to form a coalition with the Party of Regions and Communists in the parliament.

      S.Lutsenko noted that one of the SPU Oblast organizations already decided to dissolve. He stressed that should this process develop, and 14 SPU Oblast organizations dissolve, there will appear a question – who does the SPU faction represent in the parliament? And, consequently, the Ukrainian President will have grounds to dissolve the parliament.