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Ihor Hryb, father of a Ukrainian teenager Pavlo Hryb who has been illegally kept in custody in Russia's Krasnodar on trumped-up terror charges, says his son's health has deteriorated significantly.

"April 9, 2018. Easter. Day 2. The repression machine of the Russian Federation, despite Holiday, keeps working. Marina Dubrovina, Pavlo's lawyer from Russia, is currently in pretrial detention facility No. 5 in Krasnodar, witnessing investigative actions. Pavlo feels very bad. There was vomiting and severe pain in the abdominal region. The administration of the remand center is not responding to Pavlo's complaints about the deterioration of health, while medical assistance is not being provided," the father wrote on Facebook.

According to Ihor Hryb, internal bleeding could start at any time.

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"Pavlo's life is in danger!" he wrote.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on August 28, 2017, a member of the public council of the State Border Service of Ukraine Ihor Hryb reported that his 19-year-old son went missing in Gomel (Belarus) where he had traveled August 24 to meet with a girl he got to know via an online chat.

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The girl, who turned out to be an FSB asset, was supposed to come to the meeting from Russia.

On September 7, reports came that Pavlo was being kept in a remand prison in Krasnodar.

Russian investigators accused the young man of plotting a terrorist attack at a Sochi school. Pavlo suffers from a serious congenital disease, portal hypertension, requiring daily specific treatment.

Russian authorities refused to grant permission to Ukrainian doctors to visit and examine Pavlo in the pre-trial detention center. According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the young man does not receive proper treatment.

On March 2, 2018, the district court of Krasnodar ruled to keep Pavlo in custody until May 4.

On March 20, the court overruled the defense team's appeal as to the custody period.