"The militants have attacked the positions of the Ukrainian forces 17 times [over the last day]," Selezniov said.

"The Ukrainian army and ATO forces were shelled by terrorists during the completion of their operation tasks near Starohnativka in Donetsk region. No soldiers were injured," Ukrainian television’s TSN news program reported.

In addition, a short battle occurred near Berezove. Three Ukrainian soldiers were killed and another two were wounded. Despite the fact that the militant forces were significantly larger, Ukrainian soldiers managed to kill at least nine terrorists, although the exact number has not yet specified, according to the Ukrainian military.

In addition, the militants made three attacks with Grad multiple rocket launchers, mortars and small arms on a National Guard checkpoint near Krymske in Luhansk region. No Ukrainian soldiers were injured in that attack either.

As UNIAN reported earlier, there have been reports that Russia has equipped militants with laser-sighted guns and supplied fresh military hardware to insurgents in the Donbas, including tanks and artillery.