Restoration of cooperation with the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance will become possible after several conditions have been fulfilled by the Ukrainians, head of the Polish INR Jaroslaw Szarek said.

Earlier, Ukraine appealed to Poland to renew cooperation between the two institutes of national remembrance, ministries of culture and international commissions on history, according to Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko.

Sharek noted that such cooperation would be renewed once Ukraine allows Poles to conduct search operations to find remains of Polish nationals on Ukrainian territory, Radio Poland reported.

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It is about an exhumation of the remains of Polish soldiers and legionnaires who perished in 1939 near the village of Kostyukhnivka, Volyn region, and about the construction of memorial sites.

Read alsoUkraine, Poland need unity in face of Russian aggression – Polish envoyAnother prerequisite for the restoration of cooperation will be the joint publication of the meeting of the Polish-Ukrainian Forum of Historians. The work of the body, which is comprised of academics from the two countries, is currently suspended. Poland's INR chief said that the Institute is ready to hold new meetings with Ukrainian scientists if scientific achievements that had already been presented at earlier forums are published in Polish and Ukrainian languages.

"However, we have not yet received from the Ukrainian side the texts of works by Ukrainian authors, although we can print them," said Szarek.

Ukraine's INR suspended contacts with their Polish counterparts while search operations for the remains of Poles in Ukraine were also halted after the demolition of the UPA [Ukrainian Rebel Army] monument in Hruszowice last April and other cases of defilement and destruction of Ukrainian memorial sites across Poland.