"Experts were able to examine the crash site for five days in the last two weeks,” Aalbersberg said.

“On Tuesday, during search operations within the area that was set on fire after the crash, new human remains from this tragedy were discovered."

"Locals handed over the identity documents of two victims to the specialists," he added.

The remains and personal belongings are being sent to Kharkiv for initial forensic examination. After that, they will be sent to the Netherlands, but the exact timing of this is unknown yet, the Dutch investigator said.

Aalbersberg said his experts, in close cooperation with representatives from the OSCE, "are taking advantage of every opportunity to get to the crash site."

"But everything depends on the security situation,” Aalbersberg said,

“We were able to make some progress in this regard, but the situation remains unstable, which prevents us from planning further activities.

"We assess security situation on the ground every single day, and if the opportunity arises, we will take advantage of it immediately."