17 August 2017
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Party of Regions again block work of parliament

Lawmaker Zhuravskiy occupies the Speaker`s chair

The parliament members from the Party of Regions faction have blocked the rostrum and presidium of the parliament.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, the government`s box is also blocked. Lawmakers have put chairs at the doors to the presidium and the govenrment`s box, to hamper entering the session hall.

Lawmaker Oleksiy Zhuravko (Party of Regions) occupied the Speaker`s chair. He is working on his laptop.

The balloons with the inscription “NATO – No!” and flags of Ukraine were placed in the chamber of parliament.

The consultations of the VR Speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk with factions leaders started at 9.45 am.

Meanwhile, parliament members are reading newspapers and talking with each other in the session hall. Some parliament members from the faction of the Party of Regions, particularly Taras Chornovil, Vassyl Gureev are working on their laptops.

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