Photo from UNIAN

Ukraine's Permanent Representative to the Council of Europe Dmytro Kuleba has said, if Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg drew attention to the fact that he was becoming an increasingly large holder of information, then he would begin to change Facebook in 2015 to prevent the current crisis.

"We have every reason to criticize other platforms, without which we cannot imagine our lives. Zuckerberg has just become the face of the crisis and is being publicly grinded for everyone else," the diplomat told the Novoe Vremay weekly.

According to Kuleba, Zuckerberg and owners of other digital giants, "buying brains and competing platforms," have established a "monopoly on the sale of entertainment and comfort." The diplomat said that today, a small number of companies control a large amount of our personal data. "If you have two billion users (Facebook) or one and a half billion (YouTube), if you know more about your users than governments know about them and even more than users know about themselves, if you own technologies to directly influence their behavior and choice, you pose a danger," Kuleba said.

Read alsoWP: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces another request to testify – in EuropeThe diplomat expressed the opinion that the hearings in the U.S. Senate, where Zuckerberg spoke, had become a turning point because there was a heated discussion about the advisability of legislative regulation of platforms like Facebook. Zuckerberg in the U.S. Senate acknowledged the existence of an arms race between Russia and Facebook and promised to invest in making the network more secure and less convenient for manipulation, the diplomat said. "Both the regulation of social networks and the recognition of the arms race are good news for Ukraine," Kuleba added.