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The Ukrainian Embassy protested on Friday, April 20, against the visit of two Czech politicians, MEP Jaromir Kohlicek (The Communists, KSCM) and Senator Jaroslav Doubrava ( to Russian-occupied Crimea, arguing in a statement they breached Ukraine's law.

The embassy said that by attending the Yalta Economic Forum without respective permits for entry, the deputies acted in breach of law, the Prague Daily Monitor said citing the Czech News Agency.

It also said Kohlicek's words in the Russian media, by which he called for an abolition of the economic sanctions concerning Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, which is maintained by the entire EU, were appalling.

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The embassy reiterated that a special station had to be used to enter the country and a special permit was required.

In its earlier recommendation for the Czech Foreign Affairs Ministry, the embassy warned that other ways of entering Crimea were strictly prohibited.

The Ukrainian Embassy highlighted that both politicians disrespected the rules for entry to Crimea in the past.

"We consider such action a conscious and demonstrative breach of the international law and because of this, it will not remain without a response," the embassy wrote.

The Ukrainian diplomacy had complained about other Czech politicians' illegal steps before.

Early in 2016, Kyiv protested against a private journey of Communist MPs Zdenek Ondracek and Stanislav Mackovik to Russian-occupied Donbas. MP Jaroslav Holik (Freedom and Direct Democracy, SDP) was banned from entry to Ukraine for five years on account of his participation in the celebration of the occupation of Crimea by Russia.

The Crimean peninsula was annexed by Russia in March 2013. The majority of world countries, including the Czech Republic, do not recognise the annexation.