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PACE Vice President Volodymyr Ariev has said PACE refused Ukraine's request to hold an urgent debate over the illegal election of the Russian president in occupied Crimea and other aspects of Russian policy.

"By the votes of the leftists and socialists, the PACE Bureau has voted down urgent debates on the request of the United Kingdom, Ukraine and others over Salisbury, illegal elections in Crimea, etc. This is all against the background of the corruption scandal in PACE with the facts of bribery and outright lobbyism, which was promulgated yesterday," he wrote on Facebook on Monday, April 23.

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PACE was going to consider human rights violations and illegal presidential elections in occupied Crimea. This was stated on the PACE agenda.

According to Ariev, some PACE members have a long-standing pro-Russian position.

Recently, it turned out that there was a group of people in PACE who "worked" in favor of Azerbaijan.

An investigation team, which was established by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, confirmed a systemic external impact on PACE documents and decisions, as well as the systemic activity of several deputies in defiance of ethical standards. It is about bribery from the representatives of Azerbaijan. The problems are not confined to one country, but due to lack of time, the investigation focused on the case of the country with the greatest number of claims.