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The resolution earlier adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which recognized that the part of Donbas is "effectively controlled" by the Russian Federation, will become a base for international suits and sanctions against the aggressor state, according to a Ukrainian MP, PACE Vice-President Heorhiy Lohvynsky.

Lohvynsky noted that the resolution establishes Russia's responsibility for violating the norms of international and national law, and recognizes that the Ukrainian Donbas is under the effective control of the Russian Federation, according to the press service of the People's Front, the party Lohvynsky represents as an MP.

"It's Russia that is responsible for the armed seizure of our territory, it's Russia that is responsible for the lives of our citizens in this territory, for violating human rights in that territory which it effectively controls via its puppets," he said.

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Lohvynsky also recalled that in Ukraine, there are already 2 million internally displaced persons who have lost their property, and it's Russia that must compensate for all losses.

"This is the point [in the PACE resolution] saying that the responsibility is on Russia, which was supposed to ensure human rights. They never allowed for it to happen so they must be punished and bear legal responsibility for these actions," the PACE vice-president said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on April 24, PACE adopted a resolution recognizing that parts of Donbas are "effectively controlled" by Russia.