Ukrainian diplomats still hold regular meetings with officials from Russia and the OSCE on implementing the Minsk peace agreements / Photo from Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Facebook page

"The Minsk Protocol is extremely important for Ukraine, because today it is the only document that is signed by a representative of Russia, and this document will lead to peace if its terms are fulfilled by all parties,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleksiy Makeiev told Ukrainian television’s 5 Channel, according to Ukrainian television’s Espreso.TV.

He said that Ukrainian officials were meeting with those of Russia and the OSCE in order to find means to convince the militants in the Donbas to observe the Minsk peace deal, which was signed by Ukraine, Russia and the militants on September 5.

He also said the meetings were useful in influencing the Kremlin’s attitude to the Minsk agreements.

"We are trying to find all possible diplomatic ways in order to bring peace back to Ukraine’s citizens," Makeiev said.