After meeting with U.S. President Donald Tramp in Helsinki July 16, Russian leader Vladimir Putin might pull back a significant share of his troops from the war-torn Donbas, assumes the coordinator of the Information Resistance OSINT community, MP Dmytro Tymchuk.

"I don't rule out that Putin might significantly weaken Russian presence in Donbas, considering how brazen Trump was in settling the North Korea issue given the degree of U.S.-DPRK long-term tensions," Tymchuk wrote in his op-ed for Apostrophe.

"Already today, North Korea is ready to the steps that yesterday seemed impossible in terms of denuclearization. I don't rule out that there may be moments in his communication with Putin that will influence the Kremlin's decision on its behavior in Donbas," the people's deputy says.

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At the same time, he admits that Trump's negotiations line is hard to predict and it remains unclear, what he offers Putin or whether he will go for blackmailing the Russian president.

"Bargaining terms" are yet to be revealed, the Information Resistance head wrote, adding that he can assumed that after meeting with Trump, Putin might greatly weaken Russian presence in Ukraine.

"But this is like reading the tea leaves," Tymchuk concluded.