President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has always harbored prejudice toward the Ukrainians, that's according to a security expert, foreign intelligence veteran, Lieutenant-General Vasyl Bohdan.

"If we talk about Vladimir Putin, I consider him a personal enemy," Bohdan told Apostrophe.

According to the expert, back in the Soviet times, they were both practically simultaneously employed by the KGB, to work in the intelligence department.

Officers who dealt on the job directly with the future Russian president recalled his petty character and a negative attitude toward the Ukrainians.

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"Even back then, they paid attention to his pettiness, him snitching on his colleagues when the latter allowed themselves some minor expressions of liberty or certain statements, or violated internal discipline. These things were immediately spotted by their bosses, and all there was a hint that it was because of Comrade Putin," he said.

"They also noted another point: [Putin had] a prejudiced, to a certain extent, attitude toward people from Ukraine, so this was already observed back in the day," said the expert.