Today a working group, including representatives of the Anti-Crisis Coalition and Our Ukraine, begins work to create a broad coalition.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, journalists were told about this by Verkhovna Rada chairman Oleksander Moroz, after his meeting with President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuri Yekhanurov, one of Our Ukraine leaders Roman Bessmertny and Party of Regions front-runner Victor Yanukovych.

“Today a group, including the representatives of the parliamentary coalition, and Our Ukraine, begins its work to prepare a joint document, so that we have a really broad coalition, which will for sure include Our Ukraine, as it is necessary to solve the current problems and to meet the needs of Ukraine”, O.Moroz said.

He said that a joint session of Our Ukraine and the Party of Regions political councils begins now. The results of this meeting will be discussed at Victor Yushchenko at 3.00 p.m..

The speaker stressed that the agreement, which may be a basis for the broad coalition, has already been worked out and initialed by the Party of Regions and Our Ukraine in the course of preliminary talks. In addition, the Anti-Crisis coalition was by 90% created on the basis of this document.