The government’s proposal to sack Leonid Chernovetskiy from the post of the Kyiv City State Administration chief (Kyiv Mayor) is groundless and unacceptable.

President’s Chief of Staff Victor Baloha claimed this to journalists today, according to the President`s press-office.

He pointed out that he has not read as yet the government’s decree, proposing to dismiss L.Chernovetskiy.

According to him, the Presidential Secretariat has not received any official document as yet, and they got to know about the government’s decision from the information, posted at the government’s web-site and from mass-media. “At the same time, the legal imperfection of this initiative is evident, as well as clear is its political aspect. We have another example, when the conjuncture and a rough PR force out the law to a far periphery”, he emphasized.

V.Baloha listed norms of the Ukrainian legislation, which render impossible the legal execution of the government’s decree. First of all, he noted, the Law “On State Service” stipulates that a state official may be dismissed only for failing to fulfill his official duties, which caused human victims, significant moral or material losses. An official may also be suspended from fulfilling his duties for a period of carrying out an investigation into his activities. However, no such investigations were carried out into the activities of Kyiv Mayor L.Chernovetskiy.

“At least, the Cabinet of Ministers has not provided any compromising materials against L.Chernovetskiy, and Internet publications, which are not backed with criminal cases, cannot be a serious argument”, the President’s Chief of Staff pointed out.