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Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Andriy Deshchytsia states that some politicians manipulate the historical past in Polish-Ukrainian relations.

Speaking at Kyiv meeting of the press club of the Foreign Ministry, the Ambassador said that the issues of the historical past resonated heavily in society, an UNIAN correspondent reports.

"There are disagreements between Ukrainian and Polish historians, Ukrainian and Polish politicians," said Deshchytsia.

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He believes that disagreements between historians should have remained in the academic field and expert discussions, instead of being brought to the public level until facts have been established and proven.

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"The same applies to politicians: the approach must be such that there are certain historical facts and historical studies," the Ambassador said, adding that politicians not voice any statements, then seeking confirmation among historians and experts, or trying to manipulate the historical past."

He noted that historical misunderstandings cause certain "frictions" in society and in politics.

At the same time, the ambassador believes that the "Without independent Poland there will be no independent Ukraine" and "Without independent Ukraine there will be no independent Poland" approaches should dominate the discourse, including on historical issues.

The diplomat believes that the approach "Forgive and ask for forgiveness" is also the one to dominate the relations if it is a question of the past and the sacrifices incurred on both sides.