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Ukraine does not agree with the opinion of certain NATO Allies that Ukraine's accession to NATO will provoke Russia for greater aggression, that's according to the head of Ukraine's Permanent Mission to NATO, Vadym Prystaiko.

Speaking at the MFA Ukraine press club meeting in Kyiv Monday, the diplomat acknowledged that not all members of the Alliance support the idea of Ukraine's entry into NATO in the current conditions, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

"Indeed, most of NATO members are not ready for such a step. We're not hiding this. We are aware of this fact. There are many reasons," said Prystaiko.

The main reason he called Russia and its possible reaction.

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"Some NATO members believe that such a step will provoke Russia for another round of escalation, for aggression," Prystaiko said.

The diplomat recalled that after the Bucharest NATO Summit in 2008, where Ukraine did not receive an Membership Action Plan, it was decided to implement the Annual National programs that Ukraine itself would approve.

Pristaiko added that Ukraine has been implementing the Annual National Programs for 10 years already.

In his opinion, it would be easier for Ukraine to approach the political decision on the accession had at one time in 2006 the then-Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych not refused to receive an MAP that "lay on the table in front of him."

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"The moment of making a political decision is really the most sensitive one, and here the word of such a leader as Angela Merkel plays a big role. At the same time, I want to say once again that all leaders, like George Orwell said, are equal, and all NATO members are equal... We expect that if one of NATO leaders is set as Mr. Bolton promised, I think this decision will pass easier," stressed Prystaiko.

As UNIAN reported, on August 24, U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton stressed that the Donald Trump administration was actively considering Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic prospects. At the same time, he acknowledged that Ukraine had yet to do a lot to become a member of NATO.