Photo from UNIAN

Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma has said U.S. President Donald Trump should apologize to Ukraine for the "Budapest Memorandum."

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"Ukraine has been deceived, North Korea does not cost anything without nuclear weapons. What kind of advice would we like to give in this regard to Trump? The main thing is that he must return and say: 'I'm sorry, I am ready to help Ukraine more actively in this issue, which is terrible not only for Ukraine today, but also for Europe and the whole world,'" Kuchma said on the sidelines of the 15th Yalta European Strategy (YES) Annual Meeting in Kyiv, Espreso.TV reports.

UNIAN memo. The signatory states of the Budapest Memorandum, among which were Ukraine, USA, Russia and Great Britain, in addition to the non-use of nuclear weapons, pledged to "respect the independence, sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine" and "refrain from the threat of force or its use against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine, and pledged that none of their weapons will ever be used against Ukraine except in self-defense or otherwise in accordance with the United Nations Charter."