Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin says he is ready to discuss criminal liability for citizens of Ukraine who have covertly acquired Russian citizenship as their second one.

"As for Russia and acquiring concealed Russian citizenship from the aggressor country, I am absolutely ready to consider such an opportunity. I think this idea should be discussed and it makes sense. As for [citizenship] from other countries, I believe such criminal liability and conviction for [dual] citizenship is not the best option," he told TV Channel UA Kharkiv.

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"I think we need a new law on citizenship, but I want to say right away, and it's very good that it is discussed here in Kharkiv – with any innovative ideas that we need to discuss not only with our politicians, but, first and foremost , with the public, I categorically object and am categorically against even the very idea or thought concerning the legalization of dual citizenship with Russia, with the aggressor," Klimkin said.

In this regard, he noted that all cases of obtaining Russian citizenship should be investigated by the Ukrainian special services.

The minister also added that it was impossible to know how many Ukrainians had received Russian citizenship. "Unfortunately, we can't get such statistics from Russia. Russia will use it for manipulations. Russia will try to lure our citizens, and we should also warn everyone about it. But I really hope, and if you want, this is my call for everyone – don't go there before you check what has really been happening in Russia, what kind of country it is, what kind of society it is in terms of a mindset, propaganda – everything that has been happening there," Klimkin said.

He says he is sure Russia will continue granting Russian citizenship to Ukrainians.