Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has said Ukrainians should start a public debate on the issue of dual citizenship.

"Now we should start a public debate about the possibility of being a citizen of several countries – we need to honestly say this. However, we cannot even talk about dual citizenship with Russia during the de facto war with this country," Klimkin said in Lviv, according to European Pravda.

"Let those who have Russian passports surrender them, and all the rest – let's start talking. Dual citizenship can only be applied under clear conditions. Military commanders cannot have it, and it shall not allow people hold certain posts," the minister added.

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He recalled that dual citizenship is practiced in some European countries. "But people [with dual citizenshio] violate the law of our country, although this does not mean they are criminals. At least 11 citizens of Hungary [Zakarpattia residents, also holders of Ukraine passports] were killed in the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone," Klimkin said.

Now Ukrainian legislation directly prohibits dual citizenship for civil servants. Earlier, the minister said this rule should remain in force.