Former French President Francois Hollande has said Russian President Vladimir Putin primarily seeks to turn the war in Ukraine into a "frozen conflict" to further control the territory.

"Vladimir Putin seeks to "freeze" all conflicts he has created: in Georgia, Moldova, and now Ukraine. His goal is to prevent the Ukrainian government from regaining control over its own territory, all the way to the borders with Russia, including Crimea," Hollande told a conference held at the University of Mons in Belgium, RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service reported.

He also expressed confidence that Kyiv is also "partially guilty" of a "long-dragging fight against corruption" as well as "non-implementation of Minsk agreements."

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Answering the question on whether the Normandy format fits the situation, he replied affirmatively. "I spent many hours speaking over the telephone with Merkel, Putin and Poroshenko. I don't know exactly what these consultations gave us, but I think they ensured at least one thing: there was dialogue. And when a conversation is ongoing, mutual killings stop," Hollande said.

He explained that when the Russian-backed forces in Donbas continued their offensive, "there was an urgent need to achieve a ceasefire, and then withdraw heavy and light weapons."

In Minsk, Vladimir Putin "wanted the ceasefire to be imposed as late as possible, while Poroshenko wanted it ASAP. As a result, the active phase of the war was stopped, but this does not mean the military stopped dying after Minsk," Hollande said.