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The Embassy of Ukraine in Poland has warned Ukrainian citizens that in Warsaw on November 11, radical movements intend to carry out provocations under the guise of allegedly "Ukrainian nationalists."

“According to the information available, on November 11, certain Polish radical circles intend to carry out provocations, including under the guise of the so-called Ukrainian nationalists. The embassy appeals to citizens of Ukraine - residents and guests of the capital of Poland - on this day to be especially vigilant and careful, primarily during their stay in the city center and not far from the National Stadium,” the Embassy wrote on Twitter Friday.

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“We also appeal to our Polish friends, during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the restoration of Poland’s independence, not to succumb to all sorts of provocations that could pursue the goal of consciously inciting hatred towards Ukrainians. Let's not allow anyone to be provoke us,” Ukrainian diplomats wrote in Polish.