On Tuesday came media reports that Viktor Medvedchuk flew to Sochi, where at the same time Russian President Vladimir Putin was also visiting at the time.

Among other things, Putin flew to Sochi to "hold a meeting on military issues." His crony Medvedchuk arrived there to discuss the latest political vicissitudes and reshuffles among the pro-Russian forces in the Ukrainian political elite, writes the Information Resistance OSINT group.

As reported earlier, prominent ex-members of the pro-Yanukovych Party of Regions Yuriy Boyko and Sergei Levochkin were excluded from the Opposition Bloc. A little earlier, the so-called “Opposition Platform - For Life” was created, which is led by Yuriy Boyko and Vadym Rabinovych. Later, there were statements of intent to organize the deputies ’group of the same name in parliament, which would include the Opposition Bloc's deputies. Thus, the pro-Russian “Opposition bloc,” having split, will finally sink into oblivion as a political force.

Medvedchuk flew off to Sochi "to report to the Kremlin chief, agree on further actions on the eve of the election cycle in Ukraine, and get specific instructions," the report says.

According to the IR sources, Medvedchuk flew to the Russian Federation via the territory of Belarus. He used his private jet Dassault Falcon 900 EX, reg. No. P4-GEM. Having arrived on Nov 20, Mevedchuk flew back on the night of Nov 21.

"It is clear that Putin will bid on a pro-Russian candidate or several candidates for the presidency. Perhaps, not obviously a pro-Russian one, but the one veiled behind the screen of 'patriotism' and 'striving for NATO.' He also needs political forces in parliament, where they will be no less handy to the Kremlin," the report says.

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The stake will be placed on the “Opposition Platform - For Life,” the participants of which ambitiously declare that after the parliamentary elections it will become the largest faction. In addition, it is one of the founders of the platform, Yuriy Boyko, who will become the main presidential candidate "from the South-East of Ukraine" and will, according to the idea of the puppeteer, have to mobilize the pro-Russian electorate in this part of the state.

“This platform is aimed at a waging war with those in power,” one of its founders, Vadym Rabinovych, expressively declares.

But it was Putin's friend Viktor Medvedchuk who flew to meet with the Russian president as he is believed to be the key figure in the political force.

It is he who, according to the media, is “supervising” in Moscow's interests the activities in the new force. At the direction of the Kremlin, in all decisions, the last say should always be Medvedchuk's, according to the report.

The fate of another “fragment” of the “Opposition Bloc” under the leadership of Vilkul and his participation in the election campaign must also be decided on shortly.

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"Medvedchuk’s visit to Putin coincided with the fifth anniversary of the start of the Revolution of Dignity. In November 2013, the fate of Ukraine has changed dramatically. Today, five years later, the politicians of the times of Yanukovych are preparing for revenge, and the Kremlin chief will help them in this. On November 21, 2013, students went to Maidan in Kyiv to protest against the change of the “European vector” in favor of the pro-Russian one. On November 20, 2018, Medvedchuk flew to Sochi to draw up an action plan so that the people led by Moscow came to power in Ukraine," the IR reports.

Another "coincidence" is that Medvedchuk took a trip to Sochi, while a day before Putin was having a meeting on "military issues" there. The propagandists didn’t say much about the event but, taking into account Medvedchuk's urgent trip, the question of Ukraine was discussed unequivocally - in the presence of the commander-in-chief of the aggressor state and his security officials.

"Medvedchuk's Sochi visit once again demonstrates that Putin’s crony flew to report on the work already done in the context of the Russian strategy to intervene in the Ukrainian elections, report to the participants in the event on the “operational environment” in Ukraine, and receive instructions for further action. There is no doubt that Medvedchuk will immediately implement the recommendations received," the authors conclude.