So far, Ukraine has heard only a few partner countries voice their official position regarding the Russian armed aggression against Ukraine near the Kerch Strait, Ukraine's MP, coordinator of the Information Resistance OSINT group said Monday.

"It's Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Canada... The U.S. Congress has appealed to the president with the demand to bring Putin to justice at the G-20 summit," the deputy wrote on Facebook.

"The EU is still reacting at the level of 2014 – they express "deep concern" and ask the "parties" not to make any sharop moves. (Alas, there is the same picture in NATO, where all decisions are taken by consensus: 'we call for restraint and de-escalation'). History does not teach Europe anything. At least, this is my impression at the moment (I hope to be mistaken)," wrote Tymchuk.

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"Let's see how and when the West and the UN will get things spinning. Meanwhile, just like in 2014, we should only rely on ourselves. Fortunately, our army and navy is far from the wretched level of 2014," Tymchuk wrote.

"Russian aggressors have decided to finally show their true face without hiding behind the mantra of 'we're not there'. BHhere, it was all 'Russian style'  - shooting "in the back" as Ukrainian ships were heading back," the deputy wrote, noting that the disposition of forces in the area was 10:1 in Russian favor.

The deputy also mocked Russian propaganda media reports about "floating mines," which Ukrainian vessels were allegedly carrying.

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"Stupid lies," Tymchuk wrote, adding that ramming a vessel loaded with mines would be an insane move for the Russian vessel, which nevertheless hit the Ukrainian tugboat, badly damaging it.

The West must understand the simple truth. All these talks about the alleged "provocations of the Ukrainian Navy" are not without a reason. Later, Russian aggressors might attack a civilian ship in the Black Sea, maybe a cruise ship, and they will be claiming there was some "Ukrainian torpedo" involved, Tymchuk suggests, recalling of the barbaric act of the shooting down of an MH-17 flight, when Russian media rushed to blame Ukraine.