Answering the question at his meeting with Ivano-Frankivsk students on Tuesday on how Ukraine can counteract the large-scale anti-Ukrainian propaganda campaign pursued by Russia, which uses methods similar to those of Nazi propaganda mastermind Joseph Goebbels, Petro Poroshenko agreed with such a comparison. "The system of propaganda of Russians is very similar, unfortunately," the president noted.

"Is this the problem of Ukraine, or only Ukraine? No. Everyone talks about Russia's interference in the U.S. elections. Everyone talks about Russia's interference in the referendum in the Netherlands. Everyone talks about Russia's interference in Brexit," he said, according to the president's press service.

"All that can be destroyed. To Russia, any systems based on western values are like a bur in the throat. That is why we are now united to confront a unique misinformation policy. When democratic standards are used to ruin democracy,” the president said.

"And this is a problem that the whole western world is facing, including Ukraine. And we have to fight it," Petro Poroshenko added.

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He recalled the prohibition of the broadcast of Russian propaganda channels in Ukraine, because they are not media, but merely enemy propaganda. Similarly, Russian social networks were banned because they had been the exploited by the FSB.

"We will cooperate through the creation of special trust funds that will introduce certain measures to combat Russian propaganda," he said.

The president also addressed the students: "Don't watch Russian channels. There will be nothing right there."