Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó has said Hungary will continue blocking the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC).

"Until Ukraine stops the systematic reduction of the rights of the Hungarian national community, Hungary will not be authorising the convening of any session of the NATO-Ukraine Commission," he said at a press conference after the first working day of the two-day meeting of NATO member state foreign ministers, according to the Hungarian government's official website.

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"There is major pressure on us to give up this position. If we were to do so then we would have no other resource with which to take action in the interests of Hungarian national communities," he said.

The minister insists that the protection of minority rights is inseparable from security issues.

"Assuring the rights of minorities is part of security and stability. It is no accident that in its Annual National Programme Ukraine undertook to maintain, develop and respect minority rights," he said.

"Hungary can only withdraw its veto in one case: if the Ukrainians take the required action in the interests of restoring to the Hungarian community living on its territory the rights to which they are due in accordance with bilateral agreements and international law. The ball is on Ukraine's court," he added.