The North Atlantic Treaty Organization identified five main areas of reform of Ukraine's security and defense sector for 2019.

Speaking at a Kyiv conference on Friday, Alexander Vinnikov, head of the NATO office in Ukraine, noted that after the adoption of the law on national security, it is also necessary to pass a number of other laws, according to an UNIAN correspondent

He mentioned the need to adopt a new law on the parliamentary committee for oversight over the activities of intelligence and security services. The official also spoke of the law on the Security Service of Ukraine, which should strengthen, within the framework of the reform, the elements contained in framework law on national security. Also, he noted the need for a new law on intelligence services and a law on managing state secrets and classified information.

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Vinnikov also stressed that the fifth element is the reform of the defense industry and the public procurement system in the field of defense.

The head of NATO office in Ukraine noted that the Alliance sees these areas as priorities for reform next year, since there is an ongoing transition from theory to practice in the implementation of defense reforms.

In addition, he cited priorities for a longer-term period, including a comprehensive overview of the security and defense sector and the development of professional military education.