Journalist Arkady Babchenko has said Russian President Vladimir Putin will continue to squeeze Ukraine out of the Sea of Azov to re-open water supply to the occupied Crimea from mainland Ukraine.

"It is critical for Putin to open the supply of drinking water to Crimea since water is running out there. Therefore, he may attack the Crimean channel, Mariupol, and Berdyansk," Babchenko said in an interview with the Ukrainian news outlet Obozrevatel.

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"Of course, he may get to Donbas. Will they go to Kharkiv or Dnipro? I is quite possible. Why not? The Kremlin will not get off Ukraine. I have recently read an article by a general, who described destabilization points in the country, such as the loss of orientation in society, like who is a friend or an enemy, swinging the situation on any issue, be it religious , ethnic, or racial. It may also be about imposing their candidate [in elections]. This is all now happening in Ukraine,"

The journalist believes Russian society will not resist such hostilities since the propaganda has programmed their minds for war.