Photo from UNIAN

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says he will announce mobilization only in the case of open large-scale ground aggression against Ukraine on the part of Russia.

“Today, the situation in the country is fully under control," the president said at the meeting with university professors and students in Ternopil region, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

"Our Armed Forces and security agencies are able to ensure citizens' safety,” he said.

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“We will not announce mobilization, unless Russia goes for a large-scale ground aggression against Ukraine. Then, I have all the mobilization decrees already drafted, and we will not be running around, searching for anything or asking permission,” added the president.

As UNIAN reported earlier, after the Russian attack on Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait area, martial law was imposed on Nov 26 for a period of 30 days. It was introduced in 10 regions located along the Russian border and the Transnistrian segment of the Ukraine-Moldova border, as well as along the Black and Azov seas' coastlines.