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Recent statements by Russian politicians and officials on the alleged simplification of Russian citizenship acquisition process for Ukrainians are part of Russian propaganda, according to a Russian lawyer Mark Feygin.

In fact, nothing has changed and nothing will change in Russia's migration policy, Feygin told Obozrevatel.

According to the lawyer, in reality, Russian citizenship today is incredibly difficult to obtain.

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“Here, in order to obtain citizenship, people pay bribes! Migration policy is one of the most corrupt spheres in Russia. Therefore, despite all those declarative statements, the practice is completely the opposite,” Feigin said.

He stressed that in this way, Russia was simply trying once again to promote their "we are brothers" concept, without taking any real steps in this regard.

“I live in Moscow, I practice law here. And I’m telling you that all declarations claiming simplification in obtaining citizenship are all nothing but a bluff,” the human rights activist concluded.