The main risk for Ukraine in its war with Russia is that hostilities can exhaust the country without exhausting the aggressor, according to an acclaimed Ukrainian writer Yuriy Andrukhovych.

“The main risk of war is that it can exhaust us without exhausting the enemy. Our chance of winning is that Russia becomes bogged down in this conflict, wastes loads of resources, and deflates. I don't think this is some utopia," Andrukhovych told Novoye Vremya Strany.

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"Russia must find itself in the situation where their leadership, and then the population, will curse the day when they invaded Ukraine. And to this end, economic sanctions against Russia should not be decorative. And this should probably relate more to our Western partners,” the writer believes.

At the same time, he noted that the Ukrainian authorities significantly exaggerate the level of their actual partnership with the West in terms of repelling Russian aggression, Andrukhovych suggests.

 “As for our leadership, it seems to me that they overexaggerate the level of their partnership with the West in this situation. Unfortunately, there is no stable anti-Putin coalition. We need to make sure it is set up and not rest on wishful thinking,” added the writer.