Deputy Minister of Justice and Ukraine's Commissioner for ECHR Affairs, Ivan Lishchyna, says the ministry is submitting documents to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) regarding the violation of human rights in Russian-annexed Crimea.

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"… the Justice Ministry's 'toothy piranhas' are filing an appeal regarding the annexation of Crimea and human rights violations [on the peninsula] for the February meeting of the ECHR," he wrote on Facebook on December 31.

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According to the official, the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and renowned British lawyer Ben Emmerson participated in preparing Ukraine's legal position.

Hearings on the admissibility of Ukraine's appeal are scheduled for February 27.

Ganna Yudkivska, the judge of the European Court of Human Rights from Ukraine, earlier told the Ukrainian media outlet European Pravda that the court might admit Russia controlled Crimea even before it officially announced the annexation of the peninsula.