"Ukraine is now fighting for its own survival. Russia continues to escalate the conflict by sending in mercenaries and tanks. We can see the flow of ‘little green men’ and modern soldiers for special operations," Biden said.

"Now Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to call for a new peace plan, while Russian troops are in Ukraine. He is completely ignoring all of the agreements that his country has signed in the past, including the Minsk agreements. The United States and all Europe should stand at this time with Ukraine," Biden said.

According to U.S. Vice-President, Ukraine needs financial assistance because it is continuing to implement reforms even during the military confrontation, and it intends to push them forward.

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"I was in Ukraine; I met with the president and the prime minister. They are do all they can in order to keep faith in the commitments that they have given. Now it is the moment when Europe and the United States must stand together, stand firm. Russia won’t be allowed to redraw the map of Europe. This is what they are doing now," he said.

"Russia is using ‘a new tool of an aggressive policy’. They’ve made the energy sector a weapon and an instrument of foreign policy," Biden said.

"We need to do more to help Ukraine," he added.