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Russian sociologist and publicist Igor Eydman has spoken of possibilities for a resumption of friendly relations between Russia and Ukraine or whether the feud between nations will drag on for generations.

"I am an optimist, so I believe the feud between nations will sometime become a thing of the past. Of course, the Putin regime and his barbaric aggression against Ukraine will complicate relations between Russians and Ukrainians for a long time," he said during an online Q&A session with readers of a Ukrainian news outlet Glavred.

He also predicted the terms of reconciliation: "This will depend on when this semi-fascist regime collapses in Russia and a normal democratic state emerges that will eliminate consequences of all acts of aggression and annexation, and agree on peace and cooperation with Ukraine."

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At the same time, Eydman is confident this is quite realistic in the long run.

"Remember the hatred between the Germans and the French. First, the Franco-Prussian war, later the First World War, the Second World War, occupation of France, and the crimes Germany committed on French soil; and now Germany and France are the two closest allies. So everything, even hatred, passes with time. As Ecclesiastes said: 'Everything Has Its Time'," the sociologist said.