Photo from UNIAN

Russia has applied against Ukraine terrorist tactics of petty provocations in an attempt to intimidate the Ukrainians, according to deputy director of Ukrainian Institute for Extremism Research, Bohdan Petrenko.

The expert believes this tactic suits Russia much better than a major terrorist attack, which would mobilize the society in the wake of an atrocious act, Obozrevatel reports.

Meanwhile, the tactic applied by the Kremlin "leads to a firm idea being formed among Ukrainians that their country is in danger."

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It is about "forming a sense of insecurity and lack of government guarantees," explained Petrenko.

According to the expert, today Moscow is focused on destroying the credibility of Ukrainian government agencies and "atomizing" Ukrainian society, to make people seek protection from organizations that, on the one hand, are believed to be "capable" of providing it, but on the other hand, are not affiliated with government, like private security firms or radical political organizations.