Photo from UNIAN

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has announced he will run for president in Ukraine in 2019.

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"The feeling of deep responsibility toward the country, fellow men, the old and next generations of Ukrainians has prompted me to make a decision to run again for president in Ukraine," he said at Kyiv's International Exhibition Center during the Forum titled: "From Kruty to Brussels. We are going our way."

Poroshenko asked the voters for a mandate "to guarantee the irreversibility of European and Euro-Atlantic integration, our independence, to restore the territorial integrity of the country and bring advantageous peace to Ukraine in order to complete the construction of a strong, successful state capable of ensuring order, well-being and security of every Ukrainian."

According to the president, welfare, security and order are no less important than the army, language, religion, "so that to build solid walls and a solid roof over the solid foundation that we have laid in the five years."