Russian-occupation administration in the certain parts of Donetsk region plans to conduct this year a “DPR population census”.

At the same time, the blanks that are supposed to be filled for census purposes include questions of provocative content, while data obtained in a de facto survey could serve as the basis for the Kremlin's further political manipulations and create new Russian propaganda narratives aimed against Ukraine, the Information Resistance OSINT group reported Thursday.

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According to the information available, questionnaires will include questions like "How has the conflict in Donbas affected your life?" and "Who is to blame for the conflict?"

"Certain questions actually add to the census certain signs of a referendum, namely: 'How do you see the future of the DPR?' with the options for answers as following: 'as part of the Russian Federation', 'as part of Ukraine', and 'as an independent state'," the IR reported.