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Russian special services are planning to employ agents recruited by the so-called "Ministry of Civil Defense of the Luhansk People's Republic ("LPR")" from among the residents of the occupied territories to provoke tensions at polling stations during the presidential elections in Ukraine, that's according to ex-operative of Ukraine's military intelligence Yuriy Smishchuk and ex-officer of the Spec-Ops Forces Vyacheslav Protopopov.

"According to the information available, Russian supervisors and a 'quasi-special service' of the 'LPR' terrorists are training a group of provocateurs from among Ukrainian nationals living in a temporarily uncontrolled territory, recruited by the 'LPR's Ministry of Civil Defense.' They will be instructed to stage provocative situations at polling stations, which will be covered in the media and give the impression of alleged falsification, non-transparency of elections, their illegality, and alleged violations of the rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs)," Smishchuk told Guildhall, according to the Information Resistance OSINT group.

Such provocations are expected in most of Ukraine's regions, the statement adds.

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One of their options that's on the table is claiming that election officials are "not allowing people to vote after they present their IDP IDs." The focus will be on regions bordering with the occupied territories, the central part of Ukraine, and the City of Kyiv, according to the report.

"Future provocateurs are now being trained by Russian experts in the field of electoral law and representatives of election commissions who 'consult' them on the possibility of identifying violations during elections, their 'correct' interpretation and 'presentation' to the press. The recorded facts of 'violations' are planned to be covered online in the Russian and Western media, as well as on the territory of the 'LPR' and 'DPR' terrorist groups," said Protopopov.