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Ukraine's language law, whose second reading in Parliament is scheduled for March will not regulate the use of language in private life. Also, the document provides for long transition periods for the introduction of potentially controversial norms.

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine on humanitarian issues Vyacheslav Kyrylenko revealed to Obozrevatel some details of the draft law in question.

According to the official the draft law will be amended for the second reading set to be held this March.

"I saw many language laws, dozens of them at different periods, and this is the best one. It regulates the use of the Ukrainian language in almost all spheres of public life – I emphasize it's not private life, of which there is a separate notion. All norms concern the use of the Ukrainian language in public spheres like public service, local government, education, and the like, not personal contacts between people,” he stressed.

Kirilenko said that the articles and sections of the bill which could spark "tense debate" foresee transition periods of five to seven years.

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"For example, the ones on software that must have a user interface in Ukrainian. Now most of the software is in Russian so it will take time to make adjustments," he explained.

Also, transitional periods will be introduced for the norms on the language of advertising, books, etc.

Kirilenko said that the use of languages of national minorities and indigenous peoples in any areas will be governed by a separate law.

"But in this law, as for television, radio programs, print media, there are preferences for these media, if they are issued or broadcast, for example, in the language of the indigenous people. For example, when we talk about Crimean Tatars, the quotas are lower, and they will have much more opportunities to use the Crimean Tatar language, the language of the indigenous people, on TV and radio," he said.