The North Caucasian district military court has sentenced Ukrainian political prisoner Pavlo Hryb to six years in a penal colony for "promoting terrorism."

"The court has sentenced Hryb to six years of imprisonment with serving a sentence in a penal colony," the press service of the court told UNIAN.

Earlier, the prosecutor demanded to sentence the Ukrainian to six years in a penal colony.

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The verdict has not yet entered into force and can be appealed within 10 days.

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As UNIAN reported earlier, Pavlo Hryb is being tried in Russia on trumped-up "terrorist" charges as investigators claim he instructed an accomplice to set off an explosive device at a Russian schoolyard. He was just 19 when he was abducted by the FSB from Belarus on August 24, 2017, after going there to meet who he thought was a young woman he had chatted with online, and fallen in love with.

Hryb is diagnosed with portal hypertension, which requires daily intake of necessary medications and a special diet, the lack of which could become fatal. Russian authorities do not allow Ukrainian doctors to examine the political prisoner.