Photo from UNIAN

For Ukraine to keep enjoying a visa-free travel regime with the European Union, the country must meet clear criteria so the fears of some Ukrainians that, if a new president elected, problems could start with unimpeded trips across the EU are groundless, that's according to Ukraine's Permanent Representative to the Council of Europe, Dmytro Kuleba.

The diplomat has noted that visa-free travel is not tied to the results of the presidential vote., Fakty reports.

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Therefore all rumors claiming that, in case Volodymyr Zelensky defeats Petro Poroshenko in the election runoff, the visa-free access to the EU for Ukrainians will be limited, have no grounds, according to Kuleba

“But if the new leader of our country decides to change policies in relations with the EU, in the fight against corruption, migration control, then the West will undoubtedly raise questions,” said Kuleba.

The second round of presidential elections will be held in Ukraine on April 21.