JFO Staff

On Saturday, April 13, Ukraine's Joint Forces conducted massive air defense exercises, the JFO Staff reported on Facebook.

According to intelligence reports, last week, Russia held strategic aviation exercises in Rostov region, just 20 km from the Ukraine border, practicing strikes on ground targets.

Ukrainian drills, supervised by JF Commander Lieutenant-General Serhiy Nayev, involved fighter aircraft and units of anti-aircraft missile forces. The weapons employed included an S-300 anti-aircraft missile launcher, Buk- M1, Osa-AKM, Strila-10, 2S6 Tunguska, as well as MANPADs and ZU-23-3anti-aircraft guns.

JFO Staff

A multi-level air defense system was set up at a separate area of the test site.

Radar units delivering information about the means of air attack used Ukrainian-made systems, in particular, the 19Zh6 and R-18 "Malakhit" radars.

During the maneuvers, the Joint Forces, worked out identification, monitoring, and destruction of air targets, maneuvering to new positional areas, and firing from an ambush.

Live missile and artillery fire was also part of the exercises, which the Command assessed positively.

JFO Staff