The Foreign Ministry reports about registered cases of the use of torture against Ukrainians in Russia/ Photo from Wikipedia

Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports with concern about an increased number of cases when Ukrainian citizens are detained in Russia's territory without good reason, being accompanied by the lack of humane treatment by Russian law enforcement agencies, along with registered cases of physical and psychological force, including torture, the ministry's information policy department told UNIAN.

Such cases along with numerous facts of the failure by the Russian side to notify the Consulate of Ukraine in Russia about the detention of Ukrainians and to ensure their rights to meet with a consular officer crudely violate international laws on human rights and freedoms, as well as international legal obligations undertaken by Russia under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963 and the Consular Convention between Ukraine and the Russian Federation of 1994.

The Ukrainian side stressed that gross violations by Russia of its obligations under international laws, including in the field of consular relations, have become regular.

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In this context, Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that Ukrainian citizens, when planning trips to Russia, realistically assess existing risks and possible threats and carefully weigh the necessity of such trips.

In case of detention in Russia, inhumane behavior, physical and psychological pressure from the side of Russian authorities or citizens, Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends Ukrainians should immediately call to the ministry's Rapid Response Center (+38 044) 238 1657, or directly to Ukrainian consular establishments located in Russia, namely:

The Embassy of Ukraine in the Russian Federation (Moscow): +7 919 768 7796;

The Consulate of Ukraine in Novosibirsk: +7 913 799 2775;

The Consulate of Ukraine in Rostov-on-Don: +7 918 587 9993;

The Consulate General of Ukraine in St. Petersburg: +7 921 304 0572;

The Consulate of Ukraine in Yekaterinburg: +7 953 000 0207.