Since no new coalition exists de jure, all decisions it makes to form a government are illegal, as well as their proposal to the President to appoint prime minister, said Mykola Poludionny, President’s Legal Advisor, according to the President’s press-office.

“The President of Ukraine believes the formation of the so-called anti-crisis coalition was inconsistent with the Constitution of Ukraine, particularly article 83, and the Verkhovna Rada procedure rules,” he said.

According to article 83, deputies cannot be members of any coalition, for coalitions should consist of deputy factions. That means the Socialist faction, not its deputies, can withdraw from the agreement but has not done it yet, he added.

“As a lawyer, I think the Socialist faction has not left the coalition de jure. The 26 deputies announced that they withdrew from the coalition. Then there is a question: Was this decision made by the faction or individually? Since the faction did not make such a decision…the coalition does not exist.”

He reiterated that the BYuT-SPU-OU coalition agreement would be null and void in ten days.

“To form a new coalition, it is important to disassemble a previous coalition. This has not been done,” he said, adding that the President urged MPs to observe the Constitution.

When speaking about Ukraine’s new premier, Poludionny said the President wanted this figure to consolidate the country. He then added the Head of State could influence the appointment of premier.