Parliament Speaker Arseniy Yatseniuk regards the famous “incident with the finger” as a “criminal in power”. He said this in an interview to Focus magazine.

Commenting on the statement that the incident, which caused the dismissal of “Kobra” police department chief lieutenant colonel Oleksiy Kozha, looked as if the Speaker whispered in the President’s ear, A.Yatseniuk emotionally said: “I do not think so! Where should we raise the question about the abuse of power, committed by policemen, if not at a sitting of the Interior Ministry’s board? I could solve it in another way: merely to call and ask to sack everybody. Would it be right? Probably, you also believe it was right that one of the police chiefs was driving a Porsche car, which costs US $200 thousand?”

“For, me, justice is the most important”, A.Yatseniuk added. “If our law-enforcement agencies are not afraid to submit fabricated data to the Speaker, just imagine, what do they do with ordinary people? You have involved me in a strange discussion. Do you think it would be better that we solved everything calmly, and that he presented me his Porsche?”

Obviously, the car of the lieutenant colonel does not to give a moment`s peace to the Speaker, because he very emotionally mentioned it in the interview for another several times. “Colonels are driving very expensive cars, allow themselves unlawful actions at roads, and they get away with it? It does not matter, whether I will be the head of parliament or a manager Yatseniuk, I will drink their blood to the last drop…”

As UNIAN reported earlier, Speaker Yatseniuk began to fight with “criminals in power” after he encountered with a situation, familiar to many participants of traffic movement in Ukraine… an obscene gesture was shown to him from a neighbor car. Later Yatseniuk disclosed that the gesture was shown to him by “Kobra” special police department chief Oleksiy Kozha. The Speaker informed the President and Interior Minister Lutsenko about the incident. As a result, not only O.Kozha, but also the whole “Kobra” leadership was sacked, and the special police department was dissolved.