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Among priorities for Volodymyr Zelensky's first 100 days at the post of Ukrainian President, former finance minister Oleksandr Danyliuk, who is now an advisor to the president-elect, called anti-corruption measures and bringing order to the judicial system.

Danyliuk says there is a plan to "restart the anti-corruption bodies" and "restart the recruitment and certification of judges," reports.

Among other priorities are "the reform of the Security Service of Ukraine and the creation of the Financial Investigation Service."

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"The latter will take some of the functions from the Security Service and the National Police. It is also necessary to completely eliminate the Tax Police," said Danyliuk.

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In response to the remark that the Tax Police had already been liquidated, he said: "It has been eliminated by law. Now it turned out that it remains in the Cabinet’s decree on the State Fiscal Service. The Prime Minister decided that he too should have his own baton and so he wouldn't let me remove it completely, blocking the adoption of changes to the SFS regulations."

Danyliuk disclosed no other initiatives, only noting that "there are still many innovative ideas. For example, on how the Presidential Administration will work."

According to him, the advisors of the president-elect are busy with the key issue, which is "developing an action plan for the first 100 days and forming a team."

"I would say it [the plan] is 95% ready," the advisor added.

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International meetings are being scheduled and the map of potential visits is being worked out for the new leader.

"Among pleasant things, we are responding to the congratulations of the international leaders, and this, by the way, takes a lot of time."

As reported, the CEC on April 30 announced the official results of the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine. Vladimir Zelensky scored 73.22% of the vote and was elected to the presidency.