New Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has appointed Serhiy Shefir his chief assistant.

Respective order No. 305/2019 dated May 21 was posted on the presidential website.

"To appoint Serhiy Nakhmanovych Shefir as chief assistant to the president of Ukraine," the document says.

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UNIAN memo. Serhiy Shefir, born in 1964, graduated from Kryvy Rih Mining Institute (now it is Kryvy Rih National University). He is a scriptwriter, producer, co-founder and a former shareholder of Studio Kvartal-95.

Studio Kvartal-95 is a television entertainment production company, operating in Ukraine since 2003.

Zelensky owns 99.99% of corporate rights of Studio Kvartal-95 LLC, Zelensky's wife Olena Zelenska holds another 0.01%, according to Zelensky's property declaration for 2018, published on the National Agency on Corruption Prevention's website.

According to the declaration, Zelensky co-owns (25%) a 254.5-square-meter flat in Kyiv together with his business partners Borys Shefir (50%) and Serhiy Shefir (25%) from January 2007. He also co-owns (50% by 50%) a 198.6-square-meter flat in Kyiv together with Serhiy Shefir (owned since September 2009). What is more, Olena Zelenska co-owns (50% by 50%) with Serhiy Shefir a 305.9-square-meter non-residential building in Kyiv (from September 2017).