Photo from Council of Europe

Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on European Integration, Ukrainian MP Mariya Ionova has said there is a high probability that Russia's delegation may take part in the June session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

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"Russia's return to PACE depends on the members of the delegations of different countries that are PACE members. Because, in fact, their committee of foreign ministers recommended adopting such changes, but then they totally contradict the principles and values of this organization on the terms in which it was created. That is, if a country that is carrying out aggression and occupation of another member of the Council of Europe, and there are no sanctions for it, what is the point in this organization?" she told Ukrainian Pryamiy TV channel.

"We see this is not the first time such attempts to return the Russian delegation. Again, it is very likely in June. Because now we see that most of the delegations of other member countries look down, understanding that this is such a fanatical idea of Secretary General [Thorbjørn] Jagland, who wants to end his career by returning the Russian Federation," Ionova said.